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Using These Colors Can Take Your Real Estate Website To The Next Level

Sep 15

Many real estate marketing campaigns today underestimate the influential role that color psychology plays. Studies show that your choice of colors on your website theme, business cards, and even on your Showcase IDX property listings have a direct impact on your customer’s buying decision. 

The competition in today’s real estate market is as fierce as it is unforgiving. Nevertheless, customers are still looking for reasons to like and trust you as their real estate agent. 

That being said, knowing how to use matching colors is not the same as knowing which colors will actually increase the effectiveness of your real estate marketing campaign. Let’s see how using the right color psychology for your brand can help you get a leg up on your competition. 

Choosing the right colors for real estate marketing

The colors you select for your logo, brand, and real estate marketing campaign can have a subtle yet profound effect on how your audience views your business. Keep on reading to see how the top producers in real estate pick the right colors for their particular brand. 

  • Blue: The color blue has traditionally been an industry favorite. If you take a look at some of the most popular real estate websites like Prudential and Coldwell Banker, they’re using a very similar shade of blue.

    Blue evokes a sense of calm, dependability, strength, and loyalty among other “feel-good” sentiments.

  • Red: The color red may get a bad rap in movies for signaling a sense of danger. Indeed, it is one of the colors that triggers a strong emotional response from people. However, when used wisely in real estate marketing, even a touch of red can help draw someone’s attention.

    At its core, the color red stands for appeal, bravery, and excitement. So if you’re feeling confident about what you have to offer, using red could translate into superior returns. Just ask real estate giants like RE/MAX and Keller Williams.

  • Black: Technically speaking, black is not really a color, but who are you kidding? If you’re looking to stand out as a local market authority, the color black may be a great choice. This powerful color is often used to convey strength and elegance.

    Many of the well-known brands in real estate like Hilton & Hyland choose black for their logo and branding as it reflects credibility, professionalism, and gives a certain edgy vibe.

  • Orange: For agents working in coastal and beach areas with lots of sunlight, the color orange is a favorite pick.

    Not only do orange colors like those used by Orange Elephant help portray openness and enthusiasm, but it’s also a perfect match for the warmth and comfort of coastal area climates. 

The right colors for your real estate website

Using the right colors on your real estate marketing can help you appear more credible and trustworthy as a real estate agent. And when you enable your website with powerful property search tools like Showcase IDX, you’re providing your audience with a website they’ll love to use and feel comfortable using.

Showcase IDX allows you to fully customize your plugin to match the theme of your website.