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Top Methods to Bypass Proxies

Jun 12

Do you want to get past your school or work proxy? Do you need help with bypassing a firewall? Are you looking for a way around China's great firewall of censorship? If so, then the methods mentioned in this article are just what you're looking for. We will discuss easy ways that can help anyone who is trying to find a way around any type of proxy server.

What Are Proxies?

A proxy server is a computer that sits between your device and the internet. The way this works is that when you are trying to access a website, instead of directly accessing it from your location, you first connect to the proxy server which then connects to the site for you. This means if someone tries to look at what sites have been visited on an individual's browser history they will see only those websites accessed through the proxy server.

This makes proxies ideal for people who need more anonymity online or want to bypass certain restrictions such as censorship by their government (such as with China). It also helps businesses shield sensitive information like financial transactions while still allowing employees remote-access into company networks securely without compromising any data.

What Are Some Ways To Bypass These Blockades?

The internet is a great place for anyone to go and find anything they want. All you have to do is type it in the search box, and bam! You’re on your way. But sometimes there are certain websites that aren’t open to everyone, or that are blocked by an administrator. This article will teach you how to bypass these barriers so you can once again see all of the internet has to offer!

YouTube Proxies


If you want to get around a YouTube proxy block, all you need to do is click on the settings icon that’s located in the top right corner of your browser window. Click on it and scroll down until you see “Proxy Settings”. You can then enter any one of these servers into this list:



- 209 .239 .96 . 071

And voila! You now have access again! Just make sure that when entering any URL's or IP addresses into those fields, put them exactly as they are shown without changing anything else first (in other words don't type " www." at the front).


How Much Do These Services Charge?


Some of these methods may seem less than desirable because they require that you purchase software or subscribe to a service. Weigh the costs against your current situation and decide if it's worth it for you. Or, just use one free method at a time until something else better comes along!

Websites like filterbypass are the best options out there. I've found other options, but they were not that good.  Filterbypass are miles better, but why?

This service is a great tool because it includes so many different ways to access sites that are currently blocked by your ISP or filtering software such as NetNanny, Kaspersky Secure Connection and more! They have all the methods listed on their website for free too - which makes things much easier for you.

It's worth noting that some options may be better than others depending on what kind of internet connection you're using (i.e., if you're at home, work, school). A VPN will always provide superior coverage in any situation but it can cost money while an ad blocker might not cut it when connected via public WiFi hotspots like those found at coffee shops and shopping malls.


Final thoughts


- VPNs are more secure than bypassing proxies but require a monthly payment that can be costly for some people. It generally takes less time to set up an ad blocker rather than downloading and installing software packages like Viscosity, Tunnelblick or Hotspot Shield Pro though."

- While proxy servers will keep you relatively safe from the prying eyes of ISPs and your school's IT department they may not work as well when surfing on public WiFi networks where hackers can see all unencrypted traffic between the browser and server - which is why we recommend always using them in combination with a VPN service if possible (though this costs money). A good alternative would be Tor Browser - although it can be tricky to access and navigate, if you are not tech savvy.