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Google My Business Service Area Optimization

Nov 3

Google My Business Service Area Optimization

#googlemybusinessserviceareaoptimization #localseo #googlerankings

Google Maps SEO for your business and address. Should I show my location? How to maximize proximity of customer service, amenities & more!

Google has a new update that will completely change the way you think about showing your business on Google Maps. If hiding an address is what's best for ranking in this particular instance, then by all means go ahead and do it! But if there are other factors like increasing visibility or just trying out something different then don't be afraid of testing with these changes before deciding where things stand now.

The second takeaway of this video is how to maximize the proximity of your Google my business listing by being precise this is accomplished by including every variation of zip code related to the verified listings location.

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0:00 How To Write Local Pages That Rank On Google
1:25 Add a header + city name
1:54 Ad Services + city name
3:15 Add Neighborhoods
4:15 Add local Weather
5:15 Add Neighborhoods
6:15 Add things to do



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Google My Business Service Area Optimization

#googlemybusinessserviceareaoptimization #localseo #googlerankings #localseo #googlerankings