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8 PRO tips for local SEO

Oct 28

8 PRO tips for local SEO

In this blog post from SEO Danmark, I will give you some tips on how to get higher on Google on local searches. The services I mention in the video I have linked to in the description of the video below.

What is a local search

What is a local search and when is it relevant. A local search is your service, that is, what you do, and then associated with a city name. Local searches are relevant to you if you offer a service where your potential customers do not live far away from you. For example, if you are a locksmith and live in Ringsted, it would be better for you to be found on the keyword Locksmith Ringsted, than the word locksmith alone, because you want to attract customers close to you instead of getting customers at the other end of the country where it might not be such a good business for you.

8 great optimization tips

I have a small list of tips for you with some things you can do relatively easily, which your competitors probably don't, and you can make a difference for yourself on the local searches relatively easily. Well to feel without contacting your web developer.

  1. Create a Google My Business profile

If you haven't already, create a Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a Google service and everything Google has to offer, because it gives you better rankings. Take the time and fill in all the fields because it is really a big ranking factor for your local searches. Write a long description, create products, fill opening hours and all the fields there are. And keep in mind which keywords you want to be found on, and merge them where relevant and possible.

  1. Merge keywords into the title of your GMB profile

Merge a keyword into the title of your Google My Business profile. For example, if you are called Sørens Locksmith Service, enter your title as "Sørens Locksmith Service - Locksmith

  1. Merge keywords into page title, headline, and landing page URL

Have a landing page on your website where your keyword is included in page title, headline and sireurl, ie the address of the page. When you write it is important that you write hyphen between your service and the city name, so that Google can understand these are two different words.

  1. Company name, address and telephone number must be identical on all pages of the Internet

Make sure your name, address and phone number are filled in identically on your website and your Google My Busines profile, as well as everywhere else. Google checks all locations where your business is listed, so it's important that you write it the same way everywhere.

Your competitors are lazy and don't get these things done. But you do, which is why you rank higher than those on Google!

  1. GEo capture all your photos

Make sure GEOtag your photos you upload on your website and on Google my Business. You can do that in Abobe Lightroom and there is also a free web service I have linked to in the description. It may not be a ranking factor, but Google can read it and compare it to where you live.

  1. Keep your GMB profile up to date with news

Be sure to post news from your Google My Business profile, type long text, merge your keyword, and attach a photo you've geotagged.

  1. Get reviews on your GMB and answer them

Have your customers write positive reviews of you on your profile. And answer them! It is something that Google attaches great importance to interacting with those who write. When you answer your reviews, your keyword will merge. For example, you can write; "... dear customer, thank you very much for your positive review, we are very pleased that you were pleased with the service our locksmith in Ringsted provided ..."

It may not be as such a ranking factor that you merge your keyword in that way, but it gets indexed by Google and helps give Google an impression of what you can and do.

  1. Create a Youtube channel

Create a Youtube channel, upload a video, and in the description, type a 300-400 word text around your service, link to your Google My Business profile, and at the bottom of the description, enter your business name, address and phone number . In this way, you have received a link from one of the world's largest websites Youtube which is also owned by Google. There are many many more tips and ideas on how to optimize your website and Google My Business profile, but the most important tip from me is, do it. Get it done. Keep in mind that the reason you can actually outdo your competitors is that they may be a little too lazy and not get these "easy" things done.

Many seo greetings Jesper Nissen

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