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What are Backlinks and Their Types?

Jan 8

Many times we talk about complex things in SEO, and we leave basic things as already explained or taken for granted. In this case I wanted to talk about link Building, and specifically about backlinks or links.

What is a backlink for? What is a link? What types of links can we find?

These questions can be answered by reading the following article.

What is a backlink?

Surely if you have started to create your online project, and have entered forums, or read a guide to improve your positioning, you will have found that it is necessary to put backlinks or links to position your website.

A backlink is a link that links to another website, video, or any other part; with a specific anchor text or anchor text. The backlink positively influences the positioning of your website, because link juice or authority is transferred.

That is, they are those links that we find on another website, which take us to another destination. Even the links on your website's menu are backlinks (but we'll talk about these at another time).

Although you can easily create a link from the WordPress top menu. You should know that with html code it is written as follows:

Why is it necessary to have backlinks to our website?

When we want to improve our positioning or SEO, we can find two major factors divided into SEO On page, and SEO Off page.

Off Page SEO can also be defined as Link Building. It consists of "getting" these backlinks from websites to improve your positioning.

Like almost everything in SEO, it is debatable.

Almost all SEOs support link building as an SEO technique. How it benefits, and in what amount, that is already more complicated to assess and will depend on each case.

Before it was easy to determine if a website was good for us to create a link. We just looked at their PageRank and the higher the better.

Google stopped updating this metric, and we had to resort to other metrics from complementary tools.

In other words, the important job is to "know" if a backlink is "good" for your website. Besides, having links, you should also control them to not lose the value they provide. In this task, you can use the best backlink checker and tracker!

Types of Backlinks?

We can make different classifications of types of links, some of them would be.

Whether they convey authority or not.

  • Nofollow: These types of links do not convey authority (as indicated by most SEOs). It is a label that must be placed when making the rel=”nofollow” link. Normally these links are found in footers, in the comments, etc.
  • Dofollow or follow: They would be the rest of the links. If you don't put any label, the link will be dofollow, and it will transmit authority.