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SEO or PPC Which is better?

Oct 24

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial way of increasing website traffic. It is like improving your site to rank higher in search engines. If you do proper SEO on your website, it can bring many viewers and visitors without spending money. Although it takes a long time to get ranking in google, if appropriately done, this method can save money that you need to spend for Pay per click advertising (PPC). 

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click, PPC is a paid way of promoting the website. Pay Per click marketing is the most common way to pay for advertising on the internet. There are usually two types of PPC. One is CPM and the other one CPC. CPM means – Cost per Mille, which in simple language "Cost" per 1000 views or visitors on your site while paying per click (CPC) you need to pay only when someone clicked on your ad content.


What are the advantages of SEO over PPC?


1] It will save time: SEO works slowly, but it can bring a good amount of traffic if done correctly

and carefully. On the other hand, PPC needs more effort to be put into it, so usually, you need to spend some money to get more results. 


2] Long-term positive effects on site: If your website ranking is improved through proper optimization, then there will be long-term effects that can show up even after years and may still keep giving you higher revenue than any PPC advertising. In PPC Advertising, once you stop paying for Ads, numbers come down rapidly as well.


What are the disadvantages of SEO over PPC?

1] Takes time: Although I have mentioned that SEO can bring good results if done correctly, SEO takes a longer time to give positive results. For example, you will get someone searching your product and service terms every month through Google in the long term. Whereas PPC is a quick way of advertising with an instant result but brings only temporary traffic.


2] Risky: Spending money on ads is riskier than spending money for a better ranking of a site

in search engines because when you spend money on Ads, then it makes sense. If the result is not favorable, then what will you do? If it works successfully even after spending money, then there are no complaints about it, but when we talk about paying for better ranking in search engines where there are millions of websites around, how much can you trust that it will give you result?


What are the advantages of PPC over SEO?


1] Immediate results: With Pay per click advertising, you can see your number of visitors increasing day by day as well as in a short time. You will see how many people clicked on any particular ad and what is their age group. It is easier for a marketer to understand the way they are getting traffic. 

2] No need for website changes: With PPC, you do not need to make any changes to your website; just be prepared with decent ads and start paying per click. Unlike SEO, it is not necessary that you will have such good content on your page, which can be ranked if you do proper optimization for the site. It depends mainly on better sites ranking rather than site content or quality.


What are the disadvantages of PPC over SEO?


1] Spending money regularly: If paid ads worked well, then there won't be much problem, but

unfortunately, it works opposite way as we spent more, we get less, even when people are not interested in clicking on your ads. Even if it worked well and we got a good number of visitors, do you think this is enough? Because if you get more traffic, then what will happen? You need to spend more on better content or quality so that you can make a benefit out of it. This is the thing that makes PPC a risky way of advertising. 


SEO or PPC, which one would be the better option?


You can take both of them in parallel, start with PPC, and later when you get any success, add SEO on top of it because if you have a limited budget, then go for only paid advertising. Once you become successful with your paid campaign, then try to implement SEO. It is a simple way of doing both SEO and PPC together. Note: You may have noticed that I have always mentioned getting success through it, but if you do not see any results starting with Paid advertising, Do not worry! This is just a part of the game; later, when you start working on it seriously, more people will click your ads; they get curious by seeing your ad running on top of the search engine result page every time. 


I want to achieve the primary purpose by writing this article to let everyone know that there are many ways for business enthusiasts/marketers to generate traffic rather than going directly into spending money on advertisements. Of course, paid Ads can give good short-term revenue, but it is tough to get success in the long term, so if you are seriously planning for your business, why not give SEO a try? Will it be harmful? 


PPC or SEO, which one will be better in the future?

It depends on the way you work on them; most marketers know how to use Google Adwords and understand what makes PPC successful. But when we talk about SEO, even among small group marketers, only those who know off-page optimization can say something about it. When it comes to ranking in SERPs, people do not care much about off-page optimization because they think it does not matter at all, but they forget that this factor has a massive role in any business.